Integrating FLECHAS, a breadboard Echelle spectrograph

CAOS participated in the “Spektroskopietagung” organized by ASPA- “Aktive Spektroskopie in der Astronomie” that took placed in Bebra (Germany) last May 7-9 2010, with a workshop of 4 hours where we presented our latest breadboard Echelle spectrograph FLECHAS (Fiber Linked ECHelle Astronomical Spectrograph).

The workshop described the complete process of integration and alignment of an Echelle spectrograph assembled on a commercial breadboard. We presented the optical design, efficiency and a preliminary data reduction as well. This data reduction included only wavelength calibration of the instrument.

The Power-Point presentation has been completed with some notes and comments  and it is now available for download (PDF format):

The workshop was also filmed -except the last half hour- and the videos are available at (heavy files!)

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