Amateur Astronomical Spectroscopy

Welcome to the CAOS web site!

CAOS:  Club of Aficionados in Optical Spectroscopy

Our purposes are:

  1. Search and develop know-how in the construction of spectrographs aimed to amateur astronomers
  2. Share the acquired know-how to the amateur community

In our old web site we show most of our past work (from 1993)

We have organized our present web site according the following pages (tabs):

Last Post. Link to the our last article posted in this site

Spectrographs We include 3 sections:

  • Caos Spectrographs. List of most of our spectrographs. Some links provide description, drawings and results
  • Basics on prisms and gratings. Part 1
  • Spectrograph designs (in preparation)

Lab This page is dedicated to our laboratory experiments

Optical Fibres This section publishes posts on the use of fibre optics to link telescopes to spectrographs

Bodega It is a miscellaneous page where we post complementary articles such as image slicers, slit vs. circle flux calculator, slit vs. circle resolving power, etc.

Documents Few articles and documents are available here on our work in amateur spectroscopy. Documents related to practical astronomy are posted as well